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White Shigaraki Set

White Shigaraki Set

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This White Shigaraki Set includes a glazed shiboridashi teapot and 2 matching tea cups. The shiboridashi is designed for preparing premium Japanese green teas like gyokuro and sencha and it's able to concentrate the flavor to produce rich, flavorful teas.

Come utilizzare White Shigaraki Set

Preparing tea with the White Shigaraki Set is easy—just follow four basic steps. Begin by heating up the water, then add the leaves to the teapot, pour the water in, and finally, let the tea brew before pouring it out.

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    Heat the water to your desired temperature using an electric kettle. Each type of tea needs a slightly different temperature, and you can find this information on our website.

  • icon of tea leaves

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    Place 5 grams of tea leaves into the teapot of the white shigaraki set. Before adding the leaves, you can preheat the teapot by pouring in some hot water, waiting for 30 seconds, and then pouring it out.

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    Once you've placed the tea leaves in the white shigaraki set, you can gently pour in 150ml of water.

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    Put the lid onto the white shigaraki set teapot and let the leaves brew for 1-2 minutes, depending on the type of tea. After the tea is done brewing, you can pour it out into the glasses of the white shigaraki set using the alternate pouring method.

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    Once you've steeped the leaves once, you can still use them for 2-3 more brews. Keep the same water temperature, the same amount of water, but steep for only 20 seconds in each subsequent brewing.

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    You can also use your white Shigaraki set to cold brew green tea. Simply add 5 grams of leaves to the teapot, fill it with cool or room temperature water, and let it brew for 1-3 hours. After the designated time, pour it out and relish your refreshing cold brew green tea!

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100% fatto a mano in Giappone e di provenienza etica

Created in Shigaraki, Japan by skilled craftsmen, the White Shigaraki Set undergoes a detailed handcrafting process using traditional sculpting and glazing techniques. Each tea set is made with precision, and subtle variations add to the uniqueness of every piece, making it a distinctive creation.

white shiboridashi set

Realizzato in argilla Shigaraki giapponese di alta qualità

Considered one of the Six ancient kilns of Japan, Shigaraki is known for producing some of the best pottery in the country. Unlike tokoname clay which is smooth, Shigaraki clay is known for providing a slightly rougher finish. This is because the location of Shigaraki is on the lake bed of lake Biwa, so the soil is much sander which contributes to the unique feel of this White Shigaraki Set.

Vantaggi di White Shigaraki Set

The teapot featured in this White Shigaraki Set is crafted with a specific designs to yield rich and flavorful cups of gyokuro and sencha. Its minimalist filter is particularly effective for larger leaf teas, and the minimalist design makes it easy to prepare and serve Japanese green tea. The handmade tea cups complete the White Shigaraki Set and they provide the opportunity to savor memorable tea moments with friends or family!

white shiboridashi set with cups

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Fatto in Giappone

This White Shigaraki set, renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship, was meticulously produced in Shigaraki, Japan, which stands as one of the most illustrious regions globally known for its exceptional pottery.

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