Chilled Delight: Homemade Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream


Mochi Ice Cream Green Tea Pairings

This green tea ice cream mochi recipe tastes great on its own, but it tastes even better when you prepare it with a delicious Japanese green tea!

Make sure you have the right green tea to prepare the recipe, as well as the right tea to create a unique matching drink (we definitely recommend an Iced Green Tea to keep the icy indulgence)

Here are a few of our favorites 👇




Ceremonial matcha is the perfect Japanese green tea for food pairings.

This is the tea used in the Japanese tea ceremony, and it is traditionally paired with a sweet or "wagashi".


If you want to conduct your own Japanese tea ceremony at home, you will want to find the perfect sweet to serve alongside your bowl of matcha and this green tea mochi ice cream is perfect!




Sencha tea is the most popular type of green tea in Japan, and it has a unique flavor that makes it perfect for food pairings like this. The flavor of sencha is sweet, vegetal, fresh and slightly bitter.


Instead of adding sugar to it to smooth out the bitterness, it's better to eat a sweet alongside of the tea, which is why the mochi green tea ice cream makes the perfect pair.




Genmaicha Green Tea with Roasted Rice leaves

Genmaicha is a delicious green tea that is made by combining tea leaves with toasted rice.

The toasted rice imparts a warm nutty flavor onto the tea which makes it perfect to pair with sweets like the green tea ice cream with mochi bits.




Does green tea mochi ice cream have caffeine

So now that we've gone over the mochi ice cream green tea recipe, let's answer the question does green tea mochi ice cream have caffeine?

The latte grade matcha we use in this recipe contains about 34mg of caffeine per teaspoon and we are using 6 teaspoons for this recipe. That means that each mochi will contain about 12mg of caffeine, which is about 1/8 the amount in a cup of coffee.


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