Delightful Matcha Madeleines: A Taste of Elegance


How to Improve Your Matcha Madeleines

These matcha madeleines are great, but over time you may find ways to personalize and improve the recipe and make it your very own. Here are a few small touches you might like to try.

Add Citrus Zest

Incorporate the zest of a lemon or orange into the batter. The citrus notes will provide a refreshing contrast to the matcha's earthiness, creating a more dynamic flavor profile.

Infuse Floral Essence

Introduce a touch of floral elegance by adding rosewater or lavender extract to the batter. These subtle floral notes will add a layer of sophistication to the matcha madeleines' taste and aroma.

Experiment with Fillings

Enhance the indulgence by placing a small piece of dark chocolate, a sliver of almond, or a dollop of fruit preserves in the center of each of the matcha madeleines before baking. The surprise filling will add a delightful burst of flavor in every bite.

Use Whole Wheat Flour

Substitute a portion of the plain flour with whole wheat flour for added nuttiness and a slightly heartier texture. This change can contribute to a more wholesome and satisfying treat.

Try Nut Flours

Replace some of the plain flour with nut flours like almond flour or hazelnut flour. Nut flours bring a unique richness and depth of flavor while also making the matcha madeleines gluten-free.

If you are gluten free, you may want to read this article 👉 Is Matcha Gluten Free? Sip Matcha with Peace of Mind!


Flavor Pairings for Your Matcha Madeleines

These matcha madeleines are flavorful enough to eat on their own, but you may find that the flavors can be enhanced with the right food pairing. Here are a few of our favorites.

Drizzle with Matcha Glaze

Create a simple glaze by mixing powdered sugar with a small amount of matcha and water. Drizzle this over the cooled matcha madeleines for an elegant touch, adding an extra dose of matcha flavor.


The bright and zesty notes of lemon harmonize with the earthy matcha madeleines, creating a balanced and refreshing flavor.

Anything with lemon should pair well with these treats, like a lemon sorbetto or lemon tea.


The sweet-tart flavor of raspberries complements the earthiness of the matcha madeleines, while their vibrant color adds visual appeal. The combination offers a delightful contrast between fruity brightness and herbal depth.

Speaking of fruit, these matcha madeleines also pair well with fruit infused lattes like this one 👉  Iced Strawberry Oat Matcha Latte : Recipe and Benefits


Subtle vanilla accents provide a comforting and familiar undertone that enhances the matcha's complexity, resulting in a well-rounded and soothing taste experience. You might like these matcha madeleines with some nice vanilla ice cream.

You can also eat matcha ice cream along with the matcha madeleines. If you want the recipe for that, you can find it here 👉 Decadent Matcha Soft Serve a Creamy Green Indulgence


The gentle nuttiness of coconut enhances the matcha's natural flavors and adds a tropical touch. The pairing brings out a harmony between the earthy and creamy elements.

Dark Chocolate

The bitterness of dark chocolate creates an intriguing contrast with the matcha's depth, resulting in a decadent combination that's both indulgent and sophisticated.

If you really want to get fancy, you can try pairing these matcha madeleines with a tea-infused chocolate like this one 👉 The Ultimate Genmaicha Chocolate Recipe


Delicate rose flavors lend a floral elegance that beautifully complements the matcha's earthiness. This pairing offers a unique sensory experience, combining the herbal allure of matcha with the subtle romance of roses.

If you like this matcha rose pairing, you'll really like this latte 👉 Indulge in Floral Bliss with a Fresh Rose Matcha Latte

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