Elevate Every Bite with Delicious Matcha Butter


Ways to use Your Matcha Butter

This matcha butter can go well on just about anything, but we thought we'd highlight a few of our favorite ways to use it!

Vibrant Toast Topper

Spread a smooth layer of matcha butter on your morning toast. The creamy butter infused with matcha's earthy essence will transform your ordinary toast into a visually striking and indulgent breakfast delight.

Mouthwatering Sauté

Incorporate matcha butter into your sautéing routine. As the butter melts, it'll infuse your vegetables or protein with a delicate matcha undertone, adding a layer of intrigue to your savory dishes.

Delectable Dressing Base

Create a unique and aromatic salad dressing by melting matcha butter and mixing it with your choice of vinegar, citrus juice, and seasonings. Drizzle this verdant dressing over your favorite greens for a fresh and flavorful salad.

Wholesome Grain Companion

Jazz up your grains, such as quinoa, rice, or couscous, by stirring in a dollop of matcha butter. The matcha's hint of sweetness and earthiness will enhance the overall profile of your side dish.

Bakery Marvels

Incorporate matcha butter into your baking escapades. Use it as a replacement for regular butter in recipes like cookies, muffins, or scones to introduce a vibrant green hue and matcha's captivating flavor.

When it comes baking with matcha, one of the best recipes you can make are the matcha croissants. This would be a great use for your new matcha butter!

Decadent Dessert Drizzle

Warm up a spoonful of matcha butter and drizzle it over ice cream, yogurt, or a dessert of your choice. The warm butter will melt slightly and create a sumptuous topping that adds both flavor and visual appeal.

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Ways to Improve Your Matcha Butter

Although this matcha butter recipe is delicious on its own, there are a few things you can try to personalize this recipe and make it your very own. Here are a few suggestions:

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Sweet and Savory Fusion

Infuse the matcha butter with a hint of sweetness by adding a touch of honey or maple syrup. This balance of sweet and savory will create a versatile spread that can be used in both sweet and savory dishes.

You have to be careful when it comes to sweetening green teas like matcha. That's why we made a complete guide about it 👉 How to Sweeten Green Tea

Herbal Harmony

Incorporate finely chopped fresh herbs, such as basil or mint, into the matcha butter. The herbal notes will harmonize with the earthiness of matcha, elevating the overall flavor profile and adding a burst of freshness.

Nutty Elegance

Introduce a layer of richness by stirring in a tablespoon of almond butter or crushed toasted nuts. This addition will create a nutty undertone that complements matcha's earthy notes.

Zesty Zing

Enhance the flavor complexity by adding a splash of citrus zest, such as lemon or orange, to the matcha butter. The citrusy brightness will provide a delightful contrast to the matcha's depth.

Spice Infusion

Elevate the butter's depth with a pinch of warming spices like cinnamon or ginger. The combination of spices with matcha will create a comforting and aromatic spread that's perfect for cozy recipes.

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