How to Brew Matcha Iri Genmaicha Like a Pro


What is matcha iri genmaicha?

Matcha iri genmaicha is made by mixing together a combination of green tea leaves, matcha powder and toasted rice.

This combines the best of three different worlds, the sweet and fresh flavors of the green tea, the powerful flavor of the matcha powder and the pleasant warm and nutty taste characteristics you may know from genmaicha.

A good tea will have a balance of the three aspects, with no one angle being too strong or too weak.

Understanding the definition of the matcha iri genmaicha is only one aspect of the tea, we also need to know how to brew matcha-iri-genmaicha.



How to make matcha iri genmaicha

In addition to talking about how to brew genmaicha with matcha, it’s also interesting in learning how to make the tea. First, the farmer needs to select the right tea leaves to be blended with the toasted rice.

Tea is broken down into different tea plant varieties or cultivars. Each of these cultivars has a unique set of growing conditions and, more importantly a unique taste profile.

How to make matcha iri genmaicha from the farmers perspective

A farmer has to consider these different taste profiles, and which one might pair best with the toasted rice.

The farmer will also have to consider which part of the tea plant he will use to produce the tea. The older leaves used for bancha create a milder flavor, giving the toasted rice more space to shine.

The younger sencha leaves have a fresher and more vegetal flavor, which can balance out the rice. If you want to learn the others benefits sencha has to offer, you can read our guide 👉 What is Sencha Tea Good For?

How to make matcha iri genmaicha taste good

Once the farmer decides on the type of green tea, he has to then figure out how to make matcha iri genmaicha taste good.

This is both an art and a science, as he will experiment with different ratios of leaves and toasted rice. Once he decides on the right balance, it is time to add in the matcha flavor and, Voila! The matcha iri has been created.

You can try making your own at home as long as you have matcha tea powder and genmaicha. A little bit of powder goes a long way, so just start out with a scoop or two and mix it in the bag to see how you like it!

Before you attempt this, is probably best to get a good understanding of what matcha is as well. For that, the best resource is our article 👉 What is Matcha? The one and only Matcha-Encyclopedia


Where to get matcha iri genmaicha

Now that you know how to brew matcha-iri-genmaicha, it's time to try some out! You can get some excellent tea on our website called the matcha genmaicha.

After traveling around Japan for the past few years, we have met with dozens of different farmers and sampled hundreds of different types of teas. After much searching, we have finally found a great matcha genmaicha we are proud to share. Try it out and let us know what you think!

We also have a selection of regular genmaicha to choose from, and for help with that, we recommend to refer to our guide 👉 We Show You How and Where to Find the World’s Best Genmaicha Tea

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