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Nuruki Shincha

Nuruki Shincha

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The Nuruki shincha is produced by Mr. Nuruki in Chiran. It’s the first tea to be harvested each year and it has a delicious savory and vegetable flavor


Nuruki Shincha flavor chart

Scopri i risultati del metodo di degustazione del tè in 4 fasi di Nio Teas

To evaluate the flavor of the Nuruki Shincha we look for a combination of the aroma and also how the tea interacts with the palate. Does it produce a dryness, acidity, minerality, sweetness or umami? We’ll also evaluate the texture of the tea, otherwise known as mouthfeel. Finally, for sencha tea, we’ll evaluate it based on how vegetal the taste profile is as this is a common characteristic throughout most sencha teas. 

Passaggio 1: osservare l'aspetto

The leaves of the Nuruki shincha are broken down into smaller leaf particles which make their way into the infusion.

Passaggio 2: valutazione dell'aroma

The dried leaves have a distinct, starchy aroma of saltine crackers which transforms into a more muted vegetal note as they are steeped for the first time.

Passaggio 3: degustazione del tè

The tea takes a second to get going but then brings an electrifying acidity to the palate. The tasting notes are bright, fresh and vegetal. There is a quenching citrusy note of lemon and a hint of this edamame savoriness in the finish.

Passaggio 4 - Valutazione della sensazione al palato

The texture of this tea is medium to thin and it becomes quite playful with a bright minerality and acidity. It doesn’t dry the palate, but rather leaves it quenched with a tiny hint of umami in the finish.

100% coltivato biologicamente e di provenienza etica

At Nio, we collaborate with tea farmers who prioritize organic and pesticide-free methods in their tea cultivation. We believe that this approach not only yields teas with superior taste, but also fosters the overall health and vitality of the tea fields. Moreover, these eco-friendly farms often provide a safe habitat for local wildlife to flourish, contributing to a sustainable and biodiverse ecosystem. We are committed to supporting environmentally responsible practices in tea production, and we take pride in offering teas that are not only delicious, but also sustainably produced.

Nio Teas Unique Organically grown sourcing process

  • Meticulous taste testing of each tea to identify the perfect flavor profile.
  • Direct communication with tea farmers to understand their production methods and ensure no use of pesticides or chemicals.
  • Personal visits to tea fields and production facilities to assess quality and sustainability.
  • Ensuring tea fields provide a healthy habitat for wildlife to flourish in the surrounding ecosystem.
JAS Japanese Agriculture Standards logo

Certificato JAS

To ensure that the teas we source meet our standards, larger partner farms are required to obtain JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) certification through thorough soil testing.

JAS certification indicates that the tea has been grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals and is regulated by the Japanese government.

We take pride in our rigorous sourcing process, ensuring that our teas are not only delicious but also meet our strict standards for sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

Come preparare il tè

To prepare this Nuruki shincha, you can use a lower temperature water and a shorter brewing time. Deep steamed teas like the Nuruki shincha have smaller leaf particles so they infuse more quickly into the water.

  • icon of a teapot with temperature brewing instruction in degree for 60 degree celsius and 140 degree fahrenheit

    Passo 1

    First, heat the water to a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius or 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This will be the perfect temperature for this Nuruki Shincha

  • icon of 5 grams of tea leaves

    Passo 2

    Add 5 grams of the Nuruki shincha to your kyusu teapot or tea strainer and then you can pour in 150ml of the water you heated previously.

  • icon of a teapot with time brewing instruction of 45 seconds

    Passaggio 3

    Allow the tea leaves to brew in the water for 45 seconds without shaking or stirring the teapot. Because this Nuruki shincha is a deep steamed tea, it can be brewed in a short amount of time.

  • black icon of a cup of tea

    Passaggio 4

    After the brewing time is up, you can pour out your Nuruki shincha and the kyusu will automatically filter out the leaves so they don’t end up in your cup of tea. Enjoy your tea!

  • icon of a teapot with time brewing instruction of 20 seconds

    Seconda infusione

    Don't waste those tea leaves after the first infusion! With Nuruki Shincha, you can enjoy 2-3 more brews from the same leaves. Simply add hot water to your teapot and let the leaves steep for about 20 seconds for each subsequent infusion.

  • icon of glace of matcha latte with ice cubes

    Infusione fredda

    Not only does Nuruki Shincha make a delicious hot cup of tea, but it also shines as a refreshing cold brew! To learn more about how to cold brew green tea, visit our blog and read the complete article.

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Servizio da tè necessario

For a perfect cup of Nuruki Shincha, we recommend using a kyusu teapot, ideally a Fukamushi teapot. The circular mesh filter in a Fukamushi teapot makes it easier to strain out the tea leaves as you pour, preventing the risk of clogging and overbrewing. Using the right teapot ensures a smooth and enjoyable brewing experience, allowing you to fully appreciate the flavors of this exceptional tea.

Alternative without teaware 

If you don’t have a teapot at home, the next best thing for brewing theNuruki Shincha is a tea strainer. This won’t produce as rich of a flavor as the kyusu teapot, but at least it will separate the tea leaves as you pour to keep them out of your cup. 

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nuruki tea farm in japan

Luogo di produzione e coltivatore

Informazioni sull'azienda agricola

This exquisite tea is sourced from the skilled young farmer, Mr. Nuruki, who operates a small farm in the picturesque region of Chiran in southern Japan. With his expertise, Mr. Nuruki cultivates a diverse range of tea plant varieties, allowing him to create exceptional tea blends. By skillfully blending different tea varieties together, Mr. Nuruki has crafted a collection of teas that boast well-balanced and unique flavors. Each blend embodies the finest qualities of each tea variety, resulting in a truly remarkable tea experience.

map with the location of Chiran tea fields in Japan

Proveniente da Chiran


Grown in the charming town of Chiran nestled in the southernmost region of Kyushu, this tea thrives in the ideal climate of mild subtropical weather and nutrient-rich soils enriched by volcanic activity. The region's mild winters and warm temperatures create the perfect conditions for cultivating delicate tea plant varieties, resulting in green teas that are lighter and sweeter in flavor. The unique terroir of Chiran imparts distinct characteristics to the tea, making it a truly exceptional and sought-after choice for tea connoisseurs.

Cultivar e varietà di pianta del tè

The Nuruki shincha is made from a blend of 3 different cultivars, Yabukita, Yutaka Midori, Kanayamidori.

  • Yabukita

    Yabukita is the most popular cultivar in Japan and it produces a rich umami flavor with a hint of grassiness.

  • Yutaka Midori

    This is the second most popular cultivar for Japanese green tea, and the name means “abundant green” which is a reference to its vibrant green color and vegetal taste profile.

  • Kanayamidori

    The Kanayamidori is a cultivar that has been around since 1949 and it adds a nice body to the sencha, with a slightly milky finish.

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